Monster Freak Show!

Looking for a dark and twisted Circus Sideshow filled with strange performers?

Prepare to be utterly horrified and thoroughly


We have had an incredible cast of Human Marvels in our Monster Sideshow’s from Australia and beyond!

Here are some of our favorite characters and available acts...

The Lizard Man (USA) Modified Marvel, Human Blockhead, Tongue Twister, Pierced Weightlifter.

The Space Cowboy Sword Swallower, Pierced Weightlifter, Arrow Catcher, Chainsaw Juggler.

Zoë L’Amore Pain Proof Wonder - Angle Grinders, Fire, Electricity, Swords, ,Razor Blades, Glass.

Emma Divine Australia’s smallest tap Dancer, Singer and Acrobat.

Ruby Rubber LegsComedy Contortion

Goliath ‘Worlds Smallest Strongman’

Captain Ruin ‘Escapologist Extraordinaire’

The Great Volitini’s (UK) ‘Electric Wizards’. Mat Fraser (UK) ‘Armless, Singing Ninja’ Seal Boy and star of American Horror story!’

The Baron (F) ‘Iron Nippled Strongman Missy Macabre (UK) Fire and Glass Burlesque Diva’ Julie Atlas Mews (USA) Hoochie Coochie Girl and Snake Dancer’.

The Space Cowboy,44 x Guinness World Record holding Sword Swallower, performs the unbelievable!

See him swallow a 2000V neon light that shines through his skin from the inside, scream as he lifts weights with fish hooks in his eye sockets, be amazed at his powers of the mind as he melts metal in your hands and watch him cheat death in a blindfold arrow catch!

Joining him on stage the Pain Proof beauty, Zoe L’Amore climbs a Ladder of Swords barefoot, escapes from Straight Jkts suspended by flaming ropes, plays with Angle Grinders, Glass and Electricity, shooting sparks from her finger tips and lighting fire with her tongue.

Monster Sideshow
Sideshow Stunt Shows Available!

The Space Cowboy & Zoe L’Amore

This courageous couple will thrill any crowd big or small!