The Space Cowboy has the largest collection of Freak Animals in the Southern Hemisphere and now his magnificent mutants are on display!

Join him on safari and you will see... A genuine two-headed calf, a two-headed turkey with three legs, a six legged piglet with two bodies sharing a face and many more curious creatures.

It’s a carnival of wonders you will remember forever! 

The front of house is a show in itself! Inspired by old time freak shows and carnivals, this attraction is elaborately decorated with banners, art and fancily attired professional sideshow performers. 

Inside is a collection of taxidermy’s, skeletons, wet specimens, gaffs and historic items from old Freak shows and Memorabilia that will stay in your nightmares forever!


The Mutant Barnyard


Tech - The Museum fits inside a 6m x 6m tent with a capacity of 45 spectators each showing. We can also create a Freak Museum any size to fit into your venue! 

This attraction can be booked alongside Sideshow Wonderland.

The double attraction shares a front of house and ticket booth and usually operates alternately with a Museum tour and then Live Show every 30mins.