Zoe L’Amore presents her ‘Ladder of Swords’ and after proving the swords are sharp, this Pain Proof Wonder

climbs the ladder barefoot! At the top she balances on one foot in a difficult contortion. Using a mouth piece she is able to balance a large spinning sword on the tip of a dagger and descend the ladder! Ouch!

Aerial Finale

Two swords are attached to the rig. Zoë places one under her neck and the other beneath her legs, she is counterweighted high into the air spinning balanced on swords!


Zoe L’Amore’s Feature Acts

Classic Sideshow Stunts and Circus Acts

with original twists.


It’s dangerous, funny and sexy!

Zoe L’Amore showers the stage with sparks as she Angle Grinds wearing a metal bikini performing a highly skillful routine and finishing by lighting a cigar in her sparks!

Sideshow/ Burlesque at it’s best!


A delicious display of Fire Eating fakir followed by a skillful, Fire Hula Hoop routine.

A circus inferno!


See Zoe L’Amore take a seat in a chair rigged with a Tesla Coil to become ‘The Electric Lady’. Shooting sparks from her finger tips, lighting fire with her tongue and illuminating light bulbs with her bare flesh. This is an unusual demonstration that is shockingly entertaining!


Be amazed as Zoe L’Amore walks on glass, jumps on glass, dances on glass,  bathes in glass and finally eats glass! The fiesty Little Miss Emma Divine joins her for a marvelous feat. She taps dances on Zoe atop glass atop a bed of nails placed on her bare stomach. Horrifying!



Zoe L’Amore is secured into a medical issued straight jacket and attached to the rig. The rope she suspends from is set on fire and she is lifted to a spectacular height hanging by her feet. She must now escape before the ropes burn through and she plunges to her doom.

It is the ultimate in escapology even Harry Houdini didn’t do it like this!